Clay Feline is a Berlin based singer songwriter who is creating a buzz wherever he plays.

Born and raised in Colombia and having lived In Norway, India and Brazil he grew up hearing music from completely opposite sides of the globe.

It all started when his mother taught him 3 chords on the guitar. After that he would play along to tapes and for his friends. One of them took him around to play house to house in exchange for cookies and so he got early taste of touring life.

After moving to Norway in his teens he was exposed to a whole other array of music and later while living in Brazil he developed a love for boss nova.

Songwriters like Tom Waits, Jao Gilberto, Leonard Cohen and PJ Harvey would lay the grounds of what he felt was his role, a storyteller. Much like his influences he is always striving to tell a story worthily telling, worthwhile singing.

 After playing and recording for several years with different bands in Oslo he decided to drop it all and move to Berlin to peruse his music carrier.

In berlin he sharpen his kills playing in bars, small concert venues, subways stations and street corners. Slowly he started playing in other cities around Germany and now has played concerts as far as Thailand and Brazil.

2019 sees him recording and releasing his second EP “While you can” and will be playing extensively to promote it.


"Clay takes no prisoners, yet feels like a welcomed visitor". 

Ray Feline, Clay Feline's dad.





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